How to Stay Healthy this Summer

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CVS launched a new line of products that are so awesome! This goes along with their initiative of focusing on healthy items. They started the focus by no longer selling tobacco products! I am excited to be a CVS shopper and love what they are doing! Their #FindYourHealthy initiative is helping me bring healthier snack and items to my family.

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How to Stay Healthy this Summer We have been buying up the CVS Health items up like crazy and love all the new goodies. The CVS store brand line known as “CVS Pharmacy” has been completely revamped and replaced with a new line under the “CVS Health” name.

There are many tried-and-true products are part of the new line-up like cold meds and allergy meds.

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There are several new and innovative items we’re excited to share with you – like Manuka honey first-aid pads, adult gummy vitamins, cold and flu K-cups and single-dose children’s medications!  CVS Health Airshield helps you ensure that you stay healthy all summer long. Stop germs before they stop by taking a vitamin C supplement.

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The Manuka honey is a great way to heal you cuts. They are Infused with medical-grade honey, which assists in maintaining a moist environment for optimal wound healing. They are Ideal for minor abrasions, cuts and lacerations like the cut that I got on my leg from dropping an umbrella on my shin. They are 100% Waterproof Infused with medical-grade honey.

In addition to these innovative products, the CVS Health line also includes some re-formulations and improved delivery methods to ensure the highest degree of quality and efficacy. CVS Health Coconut Oil can has all kinds of practical uses. I have been using it on my legs to keep them smoother and softer. The CVS Health Pain Relief can help kick the pain away this summer. Whether you are aching from a hike or a sunburn after playing the beach all day.

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On May 11, Cia Tucci, the vice president of store brands at CVS Pharmacy, announced the official launch of the CVS Health product line; she discussed the company’s commitment to transforming its stores into premier health and beauty destinations by bringing high-quality, innovative and trusted products to its shelves to help customers live their healthiest life.

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