How to Support Health in 2015

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How to Support Health in 2015

The new year is upon us and it is time to start reconsidering priorities and goals. One of my main goals is supporting health in my household. That is what prompted me to write this post on how to support health in 2015.

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I am going to start by walking around the lake everyday with my daughter and puppy. I did it a few times per week in 2014, but there is no reason I cannot do it every day. It is such a nice walk, and we are so lucky to have nice weather almost year round. I would also like to do some Yoga stretches while I am out there with my cute munchkins.

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I have started cooking every meal for my husband and daughter. I have been using meal plan sites to help me write grocery lists and plan an awesome menu for them. I can already tell that they appreciate the variety!

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I am taking Ester-C 24-Hour Immune Support vitamin supplement daily to support health as well. I found them at Walmart in the vitamin aisle on my shopping trip this week – and they’re on rollback!  The Better Vitamin C®, Ester-C® is a unique, exclusive form of Vitamin C designed to stay in your white blood cells for 24-hours, providing you with around-the-clock immune system support. Learn more about it by connecting with Ester-C on Facebook and Twitter.

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I have shared my tips on how to support health in 2015. What are your tips?

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25 thoughts on “How to Support Health in 2015”

  1. A walk is a great way to start. I have started walking to get the kids from school on nice days and it has been great. Not only for my health but it is a great way to connect with the kids on the walk home. Tons of talking and catching up.

  2. I like Ester-C. It always makes me feel so much better and have more energy. Probably because my immune system is finally getting what it needs.

  3. I try to make healthy meals, and we all take vitamin C year round. We’re especially vigilant about it during cold and flu season.

  4. I can’t wait until warmer temperatures get here so I can get out more and do some walking. Plus, I can take my 18 month old grandson along while I get some exercise.

  5. My children love to play outside in our backyard! We are just waiting for the weather to get a little better. Your little dog is adorable!

  6. What a fun place to spend time outside enjoying the fresh air and getting some exercise! It is so great that you are doing everything that you can to take care of your family and ensure that they stay as healthy as possible.

  7. Great tips! Spending more time with family and friends destressing definitely helps me. I also find I have more energy when I make time to work out, drink more water, and take my supplements. #client

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