How-To: Three Day Festival Braids

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PRAVANA contacted me to showcase their three-day festival braids that I am beyond excited to share my experience with the​ hair products especially after using the amazing products for the last few weeks! Seriously, OMG! This stuff is out of control amazing! All of the products I used do exactly what it says it will while smelling great and keeping your hair feeling healthy. How rare is that?

PRAVANA Pure Light

When I received the products, I was impressed by their little note cards attached to each of them, which explained in detail in words I could understand how to use each product. Sometimes, I get products, and I am not even sure what to do with them. These products impressed me with their user friendliness.


The tutorial and video I have included highlight the amazing products use for festivals, but I also think this is awesome for anyone that wants fun hair without having to wash it every day! I am all for avoiding washing my hair! My hair is several colors lighter than my natural color (dark brown to honey blonde) so I have to take great care on how much washing and styling I put it through. My goal is to grow it as long as possible, so I really take care of it!!


For me, I started my PRAVANA hair journey with Pure Light Shampoo and Conditioner. This brightened my blonde while maintaining softness. This products is so much better than the lavender shampoo I have been using. My hair felt stripped of moisture with the other one I was using. Pravana was noticably much better!

After I got out of the shower and towel dried a little bit, I used the NEVO Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment which detangles, deep hydration, and protects hair color! I noticed that I need to use this when the hair is still wet for best results. I waited too long one day and my hair was not as amazing as when I did it immediately after towel drying. The formula is perfectly pH balanced and helps to lock in color, soothe the scalp and equalize hair porosity.

Then, I used the NEVO Hydra Pearls. It seals in moisture and rejuvenates hair and revives skin. These products allowed me to skip head styling and have me a naturally, but controlled look.

As with all PRAVANA NEVO products, they’re 100 percent biodegradable, 100 percent vegan and free of Sulfates, Parabens, Sodium Chloride, Phthalates, Gluten, Propylene Glycol, Cocamide DEA, Cocamide MEA, animal bi-products and animal testing. Five percent of sales of NEVO products are also donated to the City of Hope.

NEVO Intense Therapy

I did the same thing a few days later, but this time I added the NEVO Invisible Control Manipulator Mist. It provides control and support while still leaving hair workable. Invisible Control has memory, so waves can be achieved by applying the mist and simply braiding hair. This product made it easier to braid my hair. I took my hair out at night and then re-braided the next day with ease. This product is as amazing as all the others.


Now that I have shared how I used the products, here is how you use Prevana products to create Three Day Festival Braids.

Day One_1

Day One:

Begin with clean, dry, smooth hair. Mist VIVIDS Color Protect Sealing Spray throughout hair. This mist is specially formulated with double UV protection to shield bright hair colors from fading in the sun. Follow with NEVO Invisible Control for heat protection, texture, and memory long-lasting hold.Backcomb at the scalp through the top of the head then spray lightly with NEVO Super Shape.
Working from the nape to the crown, take random 1” pieces of hair and curl loosely through the ends, leaving some pieces out.
Backcomb the hair in the crown for full volume.
Starting in the front hairline, create a waterfall braid:
Start with three strands.
Cross the bottom strand over the middle strand.
Cross the top strand over the middle strand and allow to drop out.
Gather a new strand from the bottom
Repeat and continue into the crown.
Loosen the braid, then fasten with a clip. Repeat through the other side.
Cross the two braids, then loosen hair through the crown. Secure the braids together with an elastic band.
Braid a loose strand then wrap around the elastic band and secure with a bobby pin.
Loosely curl the remaining hair through the sides.
Add accent braids, then tease through the ends and spray with NEVO Super Shape to secure.
Take small strands, flat-wrap around a small cylinder then flat iron and finger tease to add texture to the hair.

Day Two_1 Day Two_3

Day Two:

Start with Day One look.
Add NEVO Hydra Pearls to the mid-length and ends to tame, smooth and add shine to day two hair. Keep the waterfall braids secured.
Separate hair into two, leaving strands out in the front hairline.
Create a fishtail braid:
Divide hair into two.
Pull a small piece from the outer edge of one side and cross over, gathering it into the other side.
Repeat this process on the other side.
Then working from side-to-side work your way down to the ends of the hair.
Repeat the fishtail braid on the other side.
Backcomb through the ends to secure.
Sprinkle NEVO Lived-In to the braid and pull the braid apart, creating texture, hold, and volume.

Day Three_3 Day Three_2

Day Three:

Start with Day Two look.
Cross, one braid over and tuck, ends in a coil shape.
Secure with bobby pins.
Cross, the other braid under and tuck, ends into the first braid.
Secure with bobby pins.
Loosen, secure, and pin the hair into place.
Finish with NEVO Super Shape for all-day hold.

Here is the video on how to do all 3 of these looks:

Day Three_1


Colorist: Danny Moon @majormoonn
Stylist: Kait Marie @kaitmariehair
Makeup: Karen Sarahi Gonzalez @iluvsarahii
Model: Francis Lola @flamcis
Photographer: Huck Hinshaw @pleasantlycavingin


What do you think of these looks?

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