Hues of Blue

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Do you love blue as much as I do? It is by far my favorite color! Blue reminds me of the ocean and relaxation. The science of psychology says that blue is unquestionably a calming shade. You can be relaxed and calmed every time that you look at your blue nails or accessories. Who doesn’t want to be relaxed every time that they look at their nails or even their hair?

How to Add Hues of Blue


Blue Nails

Feel relaxed with the colors of the sky, sea, and nature.  Blue nails are incredibly flattering and always make a statement. They open the door for conversation because they are outside the norm. I met the Director of The Fugitive at the Savannah Film Festival because his girlfriend liked my blue nails. Unique style is a conversation starter.  This Nina Ultra Pro in Carribean Blue is an excellent choice.


Blue Makeup

Blue eye makeup and especially blue eyeliner is a fantastic choice for brown or hazel eyes. The color helps make your eyes pop. I wore blue liner and mascara for years to bring attention to my big brown eyes. I got away from it for some reason, but I have been doing it more now that I found this great liner at Sally Beauty. Now, I like to layer dark blue eyeliner with black liner and wing it out.


Blue Hair Care

Quench your hair with Pure Oils by Silk Elements. This  Moisturizing Marmalade elongates curls and enhances waves to help prevent shrinkage while leaving hair hydrated and soft. The product contains Coconut Oil and Shea Butter to aid in moisturizing, strengthening, conditioning and defining your curls, while Honey and Passion Fruit Oil help to reduce frizz and provide long lasting hold and definition without being greasy, crunchy or drying to your curls.


Blue Hair

If you have the bravery it takes to turn your hair blue; I say – go for it. I have not worked in an office in almost three years, and I have still not committed to a funky color yet. I dipped my toe in the funky color world when I tried this Demi-Permanent Chrome Color from Sally Beauty last year. Lately, I have been focusing on perfecting my blonde. When I see colors like this Midnight Blue, it makes me want to dive into the blue end of the pool!

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