Immediate Family Gift Guide – Sawgrass Mills Shopping

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Immediate Family Gift Guide – Sawgrass Mills Shopping; A gift card toward shopping was provided in compensation for this post. All opinions are my own. I have loves Sawgrass Mills long before I was blogging about them and would continue to do so regardless of this partnership. 
I recently started writing my Christmas list. It mostly consists of my immediate with family. This includes my mom, sister, daughter, husband, and my dad.
  Colonnade Sawgrass Mills-2498 Colonnade Sawgrass Mills-2503
Of course, I don’t have an unlimited budget to buy gifts for my family so I decided to make a trip down to Sawgrass Mills Mall to get deals on awesome brandsSawgrass Mills will be open at 6 p.m. on Thursday, November 27, offering more than 27 straight hours of Black Friday savings.
Kate Spade Sawgrass Shopping-1331 Kate Spade Sawgrass Shopping-1330
I started my shopping adventure at Kate Spade where they have tons of bags and jewelry that are selling at great prices. Also, the brand is very versatile in that all the women in my family would love something in the store. I also brought a coupon with me that I saved from the Sawgrass Mills email list. I get coupons straight to my email so that I get additional saving when I shop!
Kate Spade Sawgrass Shopping-1328
Kate Spade Sawgrass Shopping-1323 Kate Spade Sawgrass Shopping-1324
 Kate Spade Gift Box-2521 Kate Spade Gift-2533
I bought my mom a cute bag that is Tiffany colored and a bracelet to match. She is the matching queen so this right up her alley.
Kate Spade Gift Box-2574
Kate Spade Blue Bow Bracelet-2525
Next, I bought a cute bow bracelet and ring for my sister. I chose 2 different tones so that she could wear her bow jewelry when she is wearing silver or gold.
 Kate Spade Sawgrass Bow Bracelet-9823
Next, we went to Calvin Klein and found some awesome pants and a wallet  for my dad. The selection of wallets was amazing. They had ton cute stuff for women, but I stayed focused on the guys.
Calvin Klein Sawgrass Mills-2379 Calvin Klein Sawgrass Mills-2366 Calvin Klein Sawgrass Mills-2369 Calvin Klein Sawgrass Mills-2371 Calvin Klein Sawgrass Mills-2373 Calvin Klein Sawgrass Mills-2374 Calvin Klein Sawgrass Mills-2382
Calvin Klein has a rewards program that I used on the transaction and I also pulled a coupon off Retail Me Not to save more money. Gotta love finding coupons on your phone. I always check!
Lastly, we hit the Lego store where I bought a Ghostbuster Lego set for my husband and a Duplo Lego set for my daughter.
Lego Store Sawgrass Mills-2385 Lego Store Sawgrass Mills-2386 Lego Store Sawgrass Mills-2387 Lego Store Sawgrass Mills-2389 Lego Store Sawgrass Mills-2391 Lego Store Sawgrass Mills-2392 Lego Store Sawgrass Mills-2393
Ghost Busters Legos-2546
Which gift is your favorite?
One April Golightly reader will win $100 gift card to Sawgrass Mills.

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