Instant Pot Healthy Dinner Ideas

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Your stove and slow cooker are going to take a break once you start using your Instant Pot! With busy mornings on the go and a quick lunch to tide you over for dinner, a hearty meal is needed in the evening. You can make a healthy dinner that will be nourishing for your body and easy to make with your Instant Pot.

Instant Pot Healthy Dinner Ideas

Instant Pot Healthy Dinner Ideas

Chicken and Rice Soup

Perhaps the easiest way to get started with your Instant Pot is to cook a whole chicken. Once prepared, you can shred the chicken for easy leftovers throughout the week. One way to create a fun meal with shredded chicken is to create a brown rice soup! Add brown rice, your favorite broth, vegetables like sliced carrots and broccoli, and shredded chicken. This comfort dish is prepared in about an hour in your Instant Pot, and you will have plenty of leftovers.

Beef Stew

This might be a more challenging dish on a busy weeknight, but with your Instant Pot it is no problem. The cooking time is slashed with the pressure cooking technique of your Instant Pot, and you can add more flavor to your beef stew by adding your favorite vegetables and sauteeing them at the start of the stew process. After your vegetables are ready, add your meat to give it a good cook, followed by the rest of your beef stew ingredients. Don’t forget to always have liquid in your Instant Pot, and add your favorite seasonings.

Refried beans

This will become the base for your Mexican dishes at your home. Add pinto beans, broth, and seasonings to your Instant Pot. Cook the beans until they are easy to blend. You will have a simple starter for your dinner: rice, meat, or perhaps a Meatless Monday dish! Create a burrito bar or a taco salad with all the fixings. Love carnitas? You’re going to enjoy this next idea!

Shredded pork

Not only can you prepare shredded chicken, but shredded pork is simple too. Use Angus beef roast and a cup of water or stock for this one. If you want to make shredded pork for tacos, use your favorite Mexican seasonings. Looking for BBQ? Use ketchup, honey, and BBQ seasoning for easy flavor for sandwiches.

Pork chops

My favorite way of preparing pork was in a skillet with olive oil, oregano, and lemon juice, but the Instant Pot has shown me a juicer way of dinner prep! This Instant Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook has all you need to know about preparing moist meats for dinner, and it is a must have! You will learn how to use the saute function and the steam function for a flavorful meal in a hurry.
As you familiarize yourself with your Instant Pot, start with these simple (yet healthy!) dinner ideas. They are designed to help you eat better throughout the week without a lot of fuss. The best way to learn how to use your Instant Pot is through experience.

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