Kindi Kids Dolls and Toys

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My daughter’s face when she saw the Kindi Kid Dolls was priceless. It was sheer excitement and it made my heart so happy. We have been in full back to school mode and it is was nice to see her smiling face.

We just brought all her supplies to school and she’s been asking for a new toy. The Kindi Kids came at the perfect time! They are a back to school essential for kids starting kindergarten. Kindergarten is a magical world of discovery where imagination is boundless, but it can be a scary time because everything is new and kids are exploring a new world without their parents. Kindi Kids are the perfect BFF of your kindergartner to help with their journey.

Kindi Kids

Moose Toys

Donatina doll

Kindi Kids Dolls 

The Kindi Kid Dolls are fun, quirky, colorful bobble head dolls with big glittery eyes, designed to help make going to kindergarten a bit less scary and show just how fun and safe it can be. The characters are Marsha Mello, Jessicake, Peppa-Mint and Donatina. The dolls live in Rainbow Kindi, which is filled with imagination and happiness. She has been playing them non-stop and it has given me some time to get ready for back to school.

Kindi Kids Dolls 

Kindi Kids Dolls Kindi Kids Dolls feeding

Kindi Kids Playsets 

The Kindi Kids playsets and dolls invite imagination and discovery through play. Each doll comes with interactive food-themed accessories, such as a bowl of cereal that magically disappears from its spoon as the doll takes a bite. My daughter has been feeding Donatina and Peppa-Mint non-stop. This morning she fed them before breakfast as we got ready for school. It is part of her routine now. 

Kindi Kids playsets

There are also Kindi Kids playsets that come alive with moving parts. The Kindi Kids Fun Shopping cart is a riding cart that my daughter loves!! The Kindi Kids ride on the back of the bunny shopping cart and it also comes with cute Shopkins! We love that the bunny ears on the front of the cart bobble and paws walk. It comes with two exclusive Shopkins, a cute Apple Shopkin and D’lish Jar of Jam!

Kindi Kids Shopping Cart

The Kindi Kids Fun Refrigerator can be filled with Shopkins. It actually comes with four exclusive Shopkins. You can load up the ice cubes in the freezer, and pop and drop them out the front. It is so much fun! You can twist the magnets to see the egg Shopkins jiggle.

Moose Toys 

Kindi Kids is Moose Toys’ first-ever pre-school doll. Moose Toys is a family-owned, Australian-based toy company that exists to make children happy. The team has innovation in their DNA and are famous for the design, development and manufacture of award winning toys that continue to disrupt the market.

Moose Toys

Moose Toys dominates in categories including collectables, craft, dolls, games and youth electronics featuring much loved brands such as: Shopkins, Little Live Pets, Beados, Happy Places, The Grossery Gang, The Trash Pack and Mighty Beanz and is consistently recognized as the most creative company in the industry. We have been playing with and watching Shopkins for a few years now and love all the characters. Their look is the cutest.

Kindi Kids Toys review

Kindi Kids retail at $24.99 and are available at all major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target and more. Get yours now



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