Land’s End Bags + Giveaway

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I received a red Land’s End bag for going to the swim event in Fort Lauderdale last month, but I did not realize how much I would use it. It has been my go to bag every day. So much so that I bought another one in  navy so that I can wear one no matter my outfit! I had it monogrammed with my new initials ACE! How fun is that? I booted my middle name so that they wouldn’t be ALE! Hilarious, but no where near as cool as ACE.

Ann Taylor LOFT Jeans IMG_7545 Land's End Bag Kenda Scott Rings
I wanted to help you get this bag and decided to host my own giveaway of a Land’s End gift card with enough to get this awesome bag. Obviously, you can use it for whatever you want and I can help you spend it as your personal shopper.

Land’s End Gift Card

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