Last Minute Back to School Shopping

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Walmart Back to School Shopping

I finished up my back to school shopping at Walmart where I stocked up on Back to School items as well as grabbed a few folders and note books for my munchkin. I bought Kleenex tissues for my daughter’s backpack and then some for the house.

Back to School Kleenex

The tissue boxes and little ones that go into her back pack are just so super cute!n  Get double Box Tops on Scott and Viva products and go back to school like a boss.

BTS Kleenex

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44 thoughts on “Last Minute Back to School Shopping”

  1. I’ll be stocking up on Kleenex Paper Towels, Scott Bathroom Tissues and Kleenex Packs of Tissues to help me get #BTSLikeABoss

    (Heather G)

  2. I would say ALL of them because they all come in handy, but definitely the Kleenex! We need them at home AND the kids need them at school too 🙂

  3. We’ll be stocking up on Scott Mega Roll paper towels! Because the minute the kids come home from school, there are messes to clean up!

  4. Scott Paper Towels! I have four kids under six and number five on the way. This will be my first year of homeschool and public school for two of them and we have our share of messes.

  5. An art store in our town makes it sooooo easy! They purchase in bulk and we can purchase a kit of school supplies that is EXACTLY what the teacher wants. We pay for it at the beginning of summer and pick it up just before school starts. For the elementary schools only, this is a fundraiser. It’s available for middle school too. It’s gotten so big they have a couple of box trucks in the parking lot filled with the packages!


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