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I headed up to Stuart, Florida with my friend Simone to go to a trial lawyer’s conference for local car accident attorneys. We stopped by my mom’s house and all went out to a big after-party hosted at Willie Gary’s House on Hutchinson Island.

The invitation had a dress code of lawyer casual cool which I had never heard of before. It was lawyer casual cool which is a little conservative as everything lawyerly is conservative since you might run into a Judge and you don’t want to be caught in something too short or too revealing. In Court, most Judges don’t even like to see your toes in a peep toe. I decided to go nautical with a navy blue and white dress that hits at the knee. Since I am so petite, this length looks good on me. Any shorter, I am showing too much thigh. I have worn this nautical dress a lot lately because it is so comfortable and versatile. I wore the dress to work, with boat shoes while on Marco Island, and shopping in Boca Raton.

Of course, some of the lawyers aired on the side of conservative and wore suits. It was hot and they were uncomfortable so I am glad I followed the dress code.

Lawyer Casual Cool

What is your favorite dress code?

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