Live on the Wild Side with Spirit Animal Inspired Fashion

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This season make a statement in spirit animal inspired fashions. Whatever animal you feel a connection with you can find fashion styles to complement your look. From creepy crawlies to whales, and everything in between, there are great animal designs out there to help you unleash your inner beast. Embody your inner animal with these fashionable spirit animal picks from around the web.


If your spirit animal is cute and cuddly like a cat, then you are patient, independent, and adventurous. The cat symbolizes a balance of all these things its own unique way. If you’re curious like a cat there are great clothing options for you to add to your look like The Striped Cat Face Tee. This stylish cat face tee shirt is great for your everyday look and pairs nicely with jeans or shorts. Set yourself apart from the ordinary by incorporating this feline favorite of mine into your look. Show off your independent attitude while strutting your stuff and make all the boys go, meow!


Change and transformation is associated with the butterfly, so if you relate to this animal you’re going to love a butterfly ring. If you look for the positive in the bad and easily navigate through life in a calm demeanor, then you’re channeling the essence of the butterfly. Show off your personal transformation by wearing butterfly print and prepare to spread your wings and fly.


Are you a healer for those around you? If you’re a medium for comfort and guidance in people’s lives, then you embody the snake. Contrary to modern belief, the snake is not representative of evil; in fact, the snake is a powerful symbol that is connected to health and wholeness. If you want a sly way to add the essence of the snake into your wardrobe, do so with Minimum Snake Print Leggings. This snake pattern legging takes the classic black legging and slithers it into new territory with detailed snakeskin design. The result is chic leggings that will elevate your whole look.


Those who relate to the owl will be wise and knowledgeable. If you relate to the calm nature of the owl you may also be very intuitive. If you can see beyond the ordinary and want to make your look a hoot, style it with a dress from The colorful dress features an allover owl print design perfect for summer. If your intuition reacts positively to this dress, you should trust it and get your hands on this fashionable garment. Adding owls to your look isn’t only a wise decision, it’s also a fun and flirty one to make a plain old dress pop with perfection!


Panda bears are not only absolutely adorable, but they symbolize gentleness and strength. If your presence is calm and tranquil, your spirit animal is the panda. The panda is also seen as good luck and exudes positive energy. To add the charm of a panda go with Panda bag. This fall add the luck of this good-natured spirit animal to your wardrobe and really channel your inner panda.

These are just a few ways to add your spirit animal to your wardrobe. Wearing spirit animal inspired pieces to your look is a fun way to update your style into something new. So, whether your spirit animal chose you or you chose it, there are great designs for any fashionista out there.

 Thanks to Breannae of Proper and Pink for contributing this guest post.

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6 thoughts on “Live on the Wild Side with Spirit Animal Inspired Fashion”

  1. I Love the Animal Inspired Fashion but the One Thing I am Dead Set Against is Wearing Animals! I Can’t See How in this Day & Age People Would Need to Wear Animal Fur When there are So Many Other Options, Like these Adorable Animal Print Outfits! I Never Thought there Was Anything Chic or Stylish About Wearing an Animals Fur or Skin! There are Great Alternatives like Faux Fur & I Actually Really Like the Cheetah Print Clothes & Accessories and there is Nothing Wrong with that! I Really Enjoyed this Post, it Gives People Other Options & Ideas About Incorporating the Animal Theme into Fashion! Have a Blessed Day! Jana

  2. I love Animal-Themed fashion, however, it is not accepted by many even though I am not wearing animal fir. It makes a statement about expressing one’s inner animal, which I love, but caution is imperative.

  3. I Know April I Agree, I am a Big Animal Person with 2 Cats & a Dog! I Could Never Wear Fur when there are So Many Other Great Options! I Absolutely Love this cat Skirt Pictured Above, Where is it From! Thanks So Much & Have a Blessed Day! Jana


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