Love my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!

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I’m serving my dog CESAR® home delights™ as part of a sponsored series with Socialstars. #CesarHomeDelights

I love my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Harrison Ford so much that I give him way too much affection throughout the day. He is the most lovable and soft dog that I have ever encountered.

Cesar Home Delights

Harrison Ford wants to be on me 24-7 so much that it is sometimes difficult to get work done when he is around. He pushes the computer away from me because he wants to sit on my lap. He is sitting right next to me as I type this. Luckily, it is not raining outside because he gets especially needy.

Harrison Ford Cavalier Cesar Home Delights

Cesar Home Delights Slow Cooked Chicken  I do my best to Harrison special treats so that he knows how much I love him. I feel like everyday is treat now that I am feeding Harrison Ford, CESAR® Home Delights™. He loves all of them so much that he licks the bowl clean. CESAR® Home Delights™ looks like human food and Harrison eats it like it is too. He has never done that with any other food that does mess with his stomach. I love seeing him so happy!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cesar Food

With CESAR® Home Delights™, you’re ready to give your dog what he’s always wanted: your dinner. CESAR® Home Delights™ borrows the recipes your family loves and makes them just for your dog!

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You can follow along with Harrison’s pics on Intagram with his hashtag: #WeNamedtheDOGHarrisonFord
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