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My husband and I met on a dating site called in 2009. After looking at his profile, I was sure that I had to meet him because he was such a great writer and had me laughing from the first sentence. Something about washing dishes being tough. It is even funnier now because he is the person that takes care of the dishes in our household.


(this was our first picture together – Summer 2009)

There was a red flag that would normally have kept me from meeting up with him, but I disregarded it because I wanted to meet him. The red flag was that he was only living in the area for the summer working on a movie and that after the summer was over, he was going back to Savannah for school. I had done long distance and knew it didn’t work and knew that I did not want to move out of Florida. I pushed all these facts aside and scheduled our date.

Due to some conflicts related to community events (I was crazy involved in the community at this time), I ended up cancelling two dates with him. Finally, I asked him out to lunch on my break from work. We went to Nature’s Way Cafe, a high school favorite lunch place for me. We talked and got along immediately. People always ask if I knew right away and I wish I had, but I am way too cautious to have know from day one. As I grew to know him more and more, I felt more and more love. The love grows even now seven years later.

There were several points of massive love growth for me. My love grew when he kept his promise to visit every other weekend from Savannah after the summer was over. When he moved to Stuart to be with me after graduating and drove hours to work every day until I got a job in Fort Lauderdale so we could move in together. When he helped me care for Harrison Ford (my dog) when he had surgery. When he tears up when my daughter is extra lovable. So many points of love growth that I could keep going forever!

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Love stories are so beautiful and have me tearing up as I write this. Speaking of love stories, the new Nicholas Sparks movie, The Choice is about making difficult choices of the heart to find your destiny and perfect match. The main characters are first brought together due to an encounter between their dogs! Their adorable pets play an important (and adorable) role in the story. The movie comes out February 5!!

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