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My dad had cancer at a very young age. I remember spending the summer in the hospital every day. It was a long hard season, but the worries about him have not stopped. I am always worried about him. It keeps me up at night. I think about what my family would be without him. It’s hard to see someone so tough be sick. His sickness was unexpected for my family and me. He is a fighter, and we are used to him winning. Losing a fight was never a consideration and not on the table for discussion.


Sometimes I swing from worry to being angry. I get angry that my dad did not make better choices. As a parent now, I see how hard it is to what choices to make. The new perspective makes it a little easier, but it is still something that weighs on me and our relationship. It was nice being able to read stories from people that are going through similar feelings on the LVNG website.

Did you know that there is Genetic Testing for Lung Cancer?

It is paramount for people who are diagnosed with lung cancer to be tested for specific biomarkers to understand what type of cancer they have. Lung cancer can change over time, and new mutations can emerge, causing the disease to worsen. Since there are many kinds of mutations, biomarker testing again is often recommended when lung cancer advances to identify if there is a new mutation and determine appropriate options. For some patients, a blood-based test and tissue biopsy are two options to assist in determining what type of cancer they have.

It is critical to discuss this genetic testing with your family so that can be knowledgeable about the genes that they could be carrying.


I feel more informed and more comfortable talking about Lung Cancer after reading the stories and information on the LVNG site. The more I understand about what is going on, the more I can sleep at night. LVNG has provided a fantastic resource filled with info about Lung Cancer and personal stories with people living with it every day.  It helps reduce the stigma that goes along with the disease and makes people more comfortable every day.


LVNG With offers valuable information on topics of interest for lung cancer patients, including genetic testing:

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