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While I was in New York, I jumped at the opportunity to shop at Madewell. This is J.Crew’s version of Gap’s Old Navy. Since I have been shopping at J.Crew since for over 17 years, I shop at Madewell anytime I get the chance. That is usually when I go up to visit family in Boston or New York.


Since I am pregnant, shopping at Madewell was not as simple as usual. This is where I usually get my awesome skinny jeans. Instead of the skinnies, I tried on a few large top and accessories. I was only able to purchase the scarf in the picture. It is actually a map of Manhattan with the primary color of coral and lime green. I am huge fan of this very touristy scarf. It is called the Cityblock Storyteller Scraf. It is inspired by old-timey typography and vintage posters with a focus on New York City neighborhoods. I almost bought the coral skinny belt to go with it, but I have not been feeling like restraining myself with any sort of belts lately.


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  1. never heard of the store and with so many cute and adorable maternity outfits and stores out there I’m excited for u to give those a try.


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