MANIcure MonDAY: Mermaid Manicure

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I decided to institute Manicure Mondays in a effort to keep my nails looking presentable now that I am a mommy. This way my followers will keep me accountable! I started using this cuticle  dissolving lotion by Blue Cross. It makes it really easy to do my own nails because I don’t have to cut my cuticles. In the past, I have always gone a little overboard on cutting down my cuticles in that I end up cutting myself. This way I can leave the cuticle cutter alone and focus on just polishing my nails. Today, I painted my nails with Mojito Madness by Essie and Whimsical by Revlon. The color that comes from layering the milky blue from Whimsical over Mojito Madness looks very similar to Mermaid Tears by OPI that I wore here and here.

MANIcure MonDAY: Mermaid Manicure

Mojito-Madness-by-Essie-&-Whimsical-by-Revlon-by-April-Golightly, mermaid mani, OPI Mermaid tears, MANIcure MonDAY Mermaid Mani

To complete the Mermaid Manicure, first, paint 2 coats of Mojito Madness by Essie. Second, paint one coat of Whimsical by Revlon. Last, paint a coat of clear top coat to keep the glitter on.

Mojito Madness & Whimsical by April Golightly, mermaid manicure

What do you think of the color combination?

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