Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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I met Nik at the Independent Fashion Blogger Conference in New York in February. She presented on Intellectual Property Law for Bloggers at the conference. The information was invaluable and her style was awesome. Considering all this, I asked if we could swap guest post. I recently wrote a Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Nik’s blog, Thread Conscious. Head on over to Thread Conscious to check out my guest post featuring my picks for Mother’s Day from an expectant mother’s perspective. Specifically, that expectant mothers and all mothers deserve way more gifts than they get! Stay tuned to read Nik’s guest post.

Mothers-day-gift-guide, Mother's day gift guide

For other ideas, on what to get your mom or for your mommy wish list, check out my L’Occitane post.

 Interested in a collaboration? Comment below or email me through the Contact Me page with your ideas.

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  1. You definitely have the “glow” about you! Gorgeous. I got my mom perfume for Mother’s Day – and Hubby and I will probably just have a night out together.


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