Mother’s Day Must See Movie – Snatched + Interview with Amy Schumer & Goldie Hawn

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A few weeks ago, I went to Las Vegas to have a girl’s night out and to interview the amazing Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn to talk about their new movie, Snatched. Fox was awesome to host 10 bloggers for this Girl’s Night Out! When I got the email asking me to come to Vegas to meet Amy, I had just finished watching her comedy show. I am huge fan of her and Goldie so much so that I literally jumped for joy when I got the email. The interview was a big surprise because I thought it was going to be all laughs, but I teared up during it. The movie Snatched is a comedy, but also hits on points of the mother daughter relationship that brought up some serious emotions in me. Snatched is coming out Mother’s Day weekend aka perfecting timing for Mom & Daughter time at the movies!

Amy Schumer saught out Goldie to  be the mom in the film because she was such a big fan. Goldie has not done a film in 14 years so I am super excited to see Snatched. Amy talks about Goldie agreeing to work on Snatched with her. “[Golide] saw Trainwreck and knew that I was capable of, because we really wanted this to be a movie about mothers and daughters and just how unique that dynamic is.  And once we realized we had the same goal in mind to tell the story through a lot of laughs, but really have it grounded in a real relationship, we were like, “Let’s do this.””

Goldie talks about her decision to start acting again with Snatched. “Well, I wanted the role to take on me, actually because it was really a perfect situation.  Actually, I’ve been away from movies for a while, and I really was ready, ripe.  But the truth is, there’s very little stuff out there for women of a certain age.  When this came about, it was a dream come true, meeting Amy, who had a sensibility, a similar humor, the ability to make you laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time.  It’s a gift and it’s a talent. It’s a part of being able to tell a whole story, not just jokes, not just laughs, not just a silly comedy, but something that actually could say something.  I was stimulated by that, and also the process in which it takes to get there.  That’s why I was ready for the role to take me over and surrendering to that because this character is nothing like me. It was a challenge because I’m not a wallflower and she was a wallflower in this movie. I was challenged by the character.  Once she really took over me, then I was comfortable in it. More importantly, the process with Amy was what made it everything for me.  It really did.  It matters, because the connection and the collaboration is what makes movies good.  You can’t collaborate with somebody you can collaborate with or who won’t let you collaborate with them.”

Johnathan Levine Talks about Snatched

Johnathan Levine is the Director of Snatched and talked about being a new dad and gaining perspective on his parents. “Having just had this little boy, it [parenting] was really on my mind.  It was all these things that as a new parent, I was thinking about all the things that I was critical of my mom for and then started to empathize a lot more as I started to make those very same mistakes.  At the heart of the movie, it’s two things.  It’s about learning to see your mom as a person again, which even though you guys are all moms, I bet you guys have the same thing, because I sort of think of my mom as like, “Oh, well, you had me and then your life ended.  Now, you’re about me.”   It’s about the need to see your mom as a person again.  From the mom’s perspective, it’s about her learning to reconnect with that person she was before she had her daughter, or early on when she was a mom.”

Amy Looks Up to Goldie

Amy really looks up to Goldie. “Goldie, she didn’t take years off.  It was her choice. Her program, MindUp and just teaching these kids, and everything that she’s done to better the world, I just look up to that so much.  My whole life I’ve looked up to Goldie and if there’s one person whose life I could live in their image it would be her. Getting to do this movie with her was so special and beyond my wildest dreams, yes.  If I could just impart half of what she’s imparted to me to someone else, I’d be really proud.”

Johnathan Levine talks about how they casted Goldie. “Well, this was Amy’s idea.  From the beginning, she was saying this should be Goldie. I was very excited about Goldie, but I also was excited about lots of people.  And I was like, “Okay.  Well, we should do our process.”  Then, I sat down with her and Goldie at a hotel in LA, and the moment I saw the two of them together, I was like, “Whoa.” This chemistry is unreal.  It’s such a special opportunity to be able to bring Goldie back after all this time. Just to see the two of them together, it just felt like a very, very special meant to be thing. That’s kind of how it happened.”


“Getting to hang out with Goldie.  That’s what was so cool, because first of all I’m really proud of the things I’ve done, but I’d never be like, “I could go toe to toe with Goldie Hawn.”  That’s insane.  She really made me feel comfortable and really made me feel like I had a place and a voice on set. Doing our scenes together and just realizing this shorthand that we had was so cool.  It was like these instincts you have as an actor and a comic, you’re just like–we could go, “Oh, and then the thing, the thing and the thing,” you know?  Like, literally say those words. It’s just so exciting to be like, “Oh, my gosh, I can play with this person.  We can play together,” my hero.”

“I was surprised at how open Goldie was, like, in terms of just being open to meeting people and experiences.  She says yes. I’m more guarded. I think just for me, all my years on the road doing stand-up and the hurtful things that have been said to me and getting myself in these situations where people don’t respect boundaries and that kind of stuff.  She has just a more full life because gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and I really tried to learn from that.  I’m still not as open.  But, if someone’s like, “Oh, hi, Goldie.  We’re going to”–“Okay,” and she’ll go.”

Learning About Each Other 

Goldie discussed what she learned from Amy. “We learned a lot not from each other, but we learned about each other.  When you learn about each other, you obviously learn about yourself. I look at this and everybody that you meet is some form of a mirror back to yourself. I think Amy and I both had this experience of watching her.  I was very impressed at how she worked with people that she didn’t necessarily agree with, had a very skillful style of being able to approach something with more aplomb. Sometimes, I don’t have that.  Sometimes, I’m pretty straight.  I really got that from you [Amy]. I thought it was a really important quality, and something that one needs to remember.  Me being a Scorpio, sometimes that tail comes up.  It takes a long time, but I just watched how patient you were when I knew you weren’t feeling it.”

Relationship Between Mother & Daughter

This is the part that got me tearing up. What Amy said really hit home with me and my mom and thinking about my daughter, I could not hold it in.  Amy starts by saying “I’ll try not to cry.  No, I’ll probably cry.” She did a little bit along with the rest of us in the room. We were all moms in the room so it is hard not to. “My mom and I were always really close.  Then, I turned 12 and she kind of utilized me more as a friend than–okay.  I’m so sorry.  It’s a hard time.  I mean, a teenage girl, nobody’s exempt from those years. So, it’s not you. Then, we got close again. Then at about 30, I kind of took in my whole life and saw the mistakes that she had made, and it really hurt me.  Now at 35, because it’s a constant evolution and it’s a constant negotiation, your relationships with your family, your whole family. I really look at her as someone’s daughter.  I know she did the best that she could and she continues to. I really try to love her for who she is, because you [Goldie] said this once.  You just crave your mother. There’s a moment in the movie where I say or I hug her and I just say, “You’re always there,” like, if I call you at 3:00 in the morning.  I have a nightmare and I can still call my mom and she’ll pick up.  She always answers. No matter what happens with you two, it’s this bond that [never goes away]. What this movie is, you know?  And everyone will run out and call their moms.  Yes, it is this constant negotiation, but I really try to just love and accept her like she’s always done for me. It’s just biological.  It’s this insane connection.”  Goldie chimed in and said, “It is a deep relationship, yes.”

Get ready for the Mother of all Comedies!

I will definitely be taking my mom to see Snatched Mother’s Day weekend! This is the closest they’ve been in years. See Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn in Snatched Mother’s Day weekend. Watch the trailer now!

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Here’s a very important message from Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn!:

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