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After attending the Savannah Film Festival I was motivated to add a little movie memorabilia to the bare walls of my apartment. In my search, I ran across Claudia Varosio’s shop on Claudia creates prints that are inspired by her favorite movies and her tastes just happen to be identical to mine. I have a new problem now: I do not have enough wall space to fit all the movie art that I like! My favorites are: Inglorious Bastards; The Big Lebowski; Best in Show; There Will Be Blood; Taxi Driver; and China Town. I’m tempted to commission her to do an adapation of the posters for Election starring Reese Witherspoon and American Psycho starring Christian Bale.

While searching I also discovered Posteritai which has a million movie posters from all across the world. I especially adore the 1971 french vintage Harold and Maude poster. Obviously, I cannot forget the style icon that inspired my nickname, Ms. Hepburn as Miss Golightly found on A wide variety of other movie icons with pop art depictions are available as well.

As a final note, I found this poster, inspired by the World War II British “moral” poster Keep Calm and Carry On. I think a certain filmmaker that I live with may enjoy it.

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