Musical Education Benefits for Kids

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Musical Education Benefits for Kids is a sponsored post for Guitar Center. All opinions are my own.

Music education is extremely important to the development of children. We recently did a tour of the Guitar Center in Delray Beach. It’s beautiful and my daughter fell in love with the piano. She’s been dying to get guitar lessons, but when we got in there she gravitated toward the piano. We are signing her up for piano lessons at the Guitar Center. After learning about all the benefits of musical education, I feel like it is a must for raising well rounded smart kids.


Musical Education Benefits

Develop Language Skills

Learning music as a child helps you develop language easier. Reading, understanding and speaking a language requires the ability to identify where syllables and words begin and end. Phonological awareness uses the same area of the brain used to identify and break up sounds. Studies have shown that musically-trained children have better phonological awareness. This helps kids learn words faster, develop a richer vocabulary, and learn to read sooner.

According to a recent study, children taking music lessons showed dramatic improvement in their verbal intelligence scores after only four weeks of training. Improvements in speech and reading are critical to success in school, where strong literacy is a pre-requisite for nearly every subject area, including mathematics.

My daughter has been obsessed with music since she was very little. She started with Musikgarten when she was a baby. Almost all day, every day, she is singing something that she made up on her own. She loves the music from Moana and Coco so much too.


Children who have a musical education are better at memorizing. Most education is based on a strong ability to memorize things. If you can memorize, you can take that information and develop original thought and arguments based on your memorized knowledge. Learning, in general, becomes easier when you can memorize more easily. Through a greater ability to memorize, test scores are improved.

General IQ, mathematics and vocabulary are all based on being able to memorize. My husband played music all his life, even in college, and he is a walking dictionary. His memory blows me away with the facts that he has in his head.


Goal Achievement

Musical education helps build character and shows kids that they can achieve goals with hard work. I feel like that lesson is undeniable and something that ever kids needs. The goal

Social Awareness

Learning music can help with social awareness and help your child be more attuned to subtle changes in speech. Being able to focus on the tune is said to help kids be more empathetic and help kids be more likely to help people in need.


My husband played saxophone all through high school and college. He told me that he made amazing friendships through playing music.

Guitar Center Music Lessons

There are so many things a musical education can give children to help make them successful in life. Guitar Center has an amazing program to help kids to learn to play guitar, piano, and even learn to sing.

Guitar Center Curriculum

The Guitar Center is one of the largest independent music educators in the U.S. They have created a custom curriculum focusing on teaching theory through contemporary music. All curriculum programs are approved by the National Association for Music Education, the world’s largest arts education organization. The curriculum is fun and goes through cool music rather than stating with nursery rhymes. They can also help tailor curriculum to your goals and interests with a database on thousands of songs to learn.

Extremely Convenient

Guitar Center has over 200 locations nationally. They have lessons, retail, instrument repair, to supplemental learning materials, Guitar Center can cover any aspiring student’s needs. Their program gives students the ability to continue learning on the go with online resources and the ability to schedule at any location.

Pro Instructors with a Passion for Music

All Guitar Center Lessons instructors are passionate, playing musicians who want to help you reach YOUR musical goals. Based on your needs and wants we’ll pair you with the instructor that is right for you. We met an awesome instructor at the Delray Beach Guitar Center location. It is clear that the instructors are there because they want to pass on their passion for music.

With weekly office hours to help supplement the musical education, Guitar Center instructors are here to make sure you have everything you need to become the musician you want to be or who you want your kids to be.

Contemporary Instrumentation

Guitar Center offers more than just the violin. Even though I love the idea of my daughter playing the violin. You can take any instrument, anywhere. They can make sure you have the musical foundation to achieve any level or expertise on any instrument. They know learning music can be so much more enjoyable when you’re playing what you love.

Guitar Center Achievement Program

The Guitar Center helps students monitor their progress with a six-tiered program and go from Opening Act to Headliner in as much or as little time as you need.

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5 thoughts on “Musical Education Benefits for Kids”

  1. Any education will be more useful to the child than anything else. But the main thing is that he likes music or any other hobbies. Parents often throw on their children their excessive hopes for the education they did not receive at one time. It’s important that they enjoy it.

  2. Any education will be more useful to the child than anything else. But the main thing is that he likes music or any other hobbies. Parents often throw on their children their excessive hopes for the education they did not receive at one time. It is important that they enjoy it and benefit from it.


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