My Toddler’s First Hair Cut

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I have been anxious about getting my toddler’s haircut for quite some time. But my anxiety subsided when my hair stylish, Stephanie told me she would cut my daughter’s hair. I’ve been going to Stephanie for over a year for my cuts and color. She always does a fantastic job and she saved my hair after getting a botch job at another salon. She’s made my hair healthy and beautiful even with all the processing it needs to go through to go from a dark brunette to blonde.  She gives me the dynamic icy blonde that I love!


I’ve noticed that everyone I know seems to go to these salon’s specifically for children, but I knew that I could trust Stephanie with my daughter’s hair. She’s extremely friendly and easy to talk to. She is also excellent with children having 3 of her own. I knew that I could trust Stefanie to cut my daughter’s hair and it would look fabulous, and it wouldn’t traumatize my daughter.


My fear with going to Children’s Hair Cut places is that beauticians working on kids are inexperienced with haircuts and also with working with children. They are usually new to the hair cutting game. Otherwise, they would be working in a higher end salon where you can get big bucks to cut and color hair. I am sure that there is an exception somewhere – an expert child beautician that loves working with kids rather than adults. You don’t want to gamble with such an important experience. I wanted to know that I was getting the best haircut and the best first hair cut experience.



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First Hair Cut Experience

I always worry that a bad first experience doing anything might poison the rest of the experiences going forward. It is important to go to someone that you trust when doing something like this. I am excited to announce that my daughter’s first haircut came out beautifully. I feel like she’ll be excited to go to the hair salon in the future. There were no tears and just smiles. She might have yelled at me a few times because I took too many pictures. I cannot help wanting to photograph that beautiful face!



My hair savior, Stephanie asked me to give out my her phone number 954-687-2561 so that you can contact her and get special April Golightly pricing for saying that I referred you. She is based in Boca Raton next to Raw Juice on Glades at a salon called Skin Vitality. Give her a call and give her a chance to make you as beautiful as I feel after leaving her expert hands. 

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