Style Resolution for the New Year: Try Out Neon Yellow in 2012

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Neon Style Resolution



Polyvore was conducting a contest asking contestants to try something new in 2012.  Mainly, they wanted the contestants to step outside their comfort zone. I took the contest as an opportunity to play around with neon yellow.  I am big fan of all the other neon colors, but I have never worn neon yellow, since, as with most yellows, it is not the easiest color to wear.  Here, I put it on the bottom so that it will not give a yellow tint to by skin by reflecting off my makeup.  Instead, it can be worn against self-tanned legs or tights.  I paired the neon yellow dress with the Burberry beaded sandals that have been haunting my dreams for over a month.  These sandals give this fun outfit a boho classy feel.

Neon Style Resolution by aprilgolightly featuring army rings

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