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The NFL Football season is starting and my Husband is gearing up to watch his favorite team play and hopefully win! He is a die-hard Eagles fan and will cheer for them whether they win or lose. While he is focusing on the team and the players before the games, I am focus on how to look cute for the games and the game watching parties. I want to be fashionable and support my husband and his team at the same time. Since I am a stylist by trade, I put together this NFL Football Fashion Guide to help you look stylish on game day and any day you want to share your NFL team pride.

Step Up the Jeans

Lots of gals wear jeans with their Game Day gear, but I don’t want my readers to  like all the other gals. I want their stylishness to stand out so that they can shine. You can support your favorite team stylishly and be comfortable in a pair of jeans. The best way to do it is to step up your jeans style. Ripped jeans are extremely in style right now! You can step up your jeans without spending a fortune by finding a pair that fits you great and that you feel confident in.

eagles-outfit-17-of-18 eagles-outfit-14-of-18 eagles-outfit-11-of-18 eagles-outfit-10-of-18Team Shorts

Support your team on all fronts, but not only wearing their awesome tops, but rocking the team logo on your shorts. It’s subtle, but I definitely notice the extra effort!

eagles-outfit-8-of-18 eagles-outfit-6-of-18 eagles-outfit-3-of-18

Shade in Style

Why not protect yourself from the wrinkling rays of the sun in style with this super stylish hat?! Bad hair?! No one will know the difference!

eagles-outfit-15-of-18Go Old School

The Eagles and most of the NFL Teams released their old logos and team color on NFL gear. I went a little crazy on the throw back logo for The Eagles; I got something for everyone in my house. What can I say I like to rock it old school!?

eagles-outfit-7-of-18 eagles-outfit-4-of-18

Whether you’re an occasional enthusiast or a 365-day diehard, you can show your team and city pride every day of the year with the 2016 NFL Apparel collection at


The key to a extremely stylish NFL Football Fashion look are the accessories. Simple stylish accessories that don’t weigh you down is the way to go. You want to feel effortless and feminine at the same time. My go to necklaces have the team colors and don’t get in the way.

eagles-outfit-9-of-18Bottom line – What you wear reflects who you are and who you want to win. Choose your NFL gear on and own your pride!


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NFL Football Fashion Guide - how to look stylish on game day or all they time so you can support your favorite team with pride

NFL Football Fashion Guide - how to look stylish on game day or all they time so you can support your favorite team with prideI was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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