Orange Theory Fitness Review

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Orange Theory Fitness Review

Guest Post by Maria Serritella, here is her bio. I am working on adding it to the bottom, but have not had time yet. Busy life of a mommy!

Maria Ines Serritella is a graduate from the prestigious New World School of the Arts (NWSA). Her professional career has taken her from being an accomplished dancer and choreographer to working as an actress, lifestyle modeling, television commercials, TV shows, short and feature films. Maria has studied with virtuosos of dance techniques from choreographers such as Jose Limon, Martha Graham and Alvin Ailey. During her professional dance career, she joined renowned dance and production companies, such as Ballet Español Rosita Segovia and Freddick Bratcher and Co. Additionally, Maria writes as a contributing editor for South Florida Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, and Entertainment!

Where, oh where do I begin? I am in LOVE with Orange Theory Fitness (OTF)…lol When AprilGoLightly presented me with the opportunity to take a class at the Coral Springs-Parkland location at 6230 Coral Ridge Drive, Coral Springs, FL 33076, I replied with an ecstatic, “hell, yes”! I had heard of OTF before, but have never had the fortunate circumstance to actually try them out for myself. So, I excitedly drove my butt up North from Miami to experience my first class!

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Upon arrival, I was promptly greeted by a knowledgeable staff ready to get to work. Studio manager and personal trainer, Patti Bailin checked me in and took all my stats in order to load my personal POLAR wireless heart rate monitor and POD with my specific data. With this technology, the personal trainers can keep a close eye on my progress up on the data board, along with all the other members, during the workout.

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“Orange Theory Fitness uses the science of Heart Rate Based Treadmill interval Training, the efficiency of Indoor Rowing for increased power, and the proven concept of Weight Training Blocks to create the fitness level and body you have always desired. Workout and Weight Loss plateaus are a thing of the past….really!”.

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Led by first-class, highly qualified, intelligent, and motivational personal trainers, they make this one hour group class a safe, fun, and effective way to get the most out of your workout and get you on the right path towards achieving your ultimate fitness goals! OrangeTheory trainers undergo rigorous instruction to bring you the best of the best of your personal training experience. My class was led by awesome trainers Domenic (@domenicfitness), and Rob. Also, working out in a group structure makes you more accountable for sticking to your routine, and provides support from others in the class who are all on target towards achieving their ultimate levels of physical fitness.

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Lastly, many thanks to GNC #1796 Lakeview Shopping Center 1360 Coral Ridge Drive Coral Springs, FL 33071 (954) 575-3344, for providing and stocking our goodie bags with loads of supplements, shakes, Gold Card, and protein snacks for our post- workout refueling :))

And, thank you Patti Bailin for our Orange Theory towels and t-shirts! You and your staff are truly phenomenal!

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Check out Orange Theory in Parkland6230 Coral Ridge Drive
Coral Springs, FL  33076

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  1. Combining many areas, fitness classes pursue two goals at once – changing the shape, body weight and overall health of the body. To achieve them, you need to exercise regularly. However, fitness is not an easy visit to the gym. It is something more – a way of life and philosophy, thanks to which a person improves his physical form and strengthens his health.


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