Pet Scarf DIY

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Every time my puppy, Harrison Ford goes to the groomer her comes back with a cute scarf. Since I have been doing his grooming lately, I decided to make a pet scarf DIY. For my baby shower, I bought a pink polka dot fabric quarter from Joann Fabric. I know he is boy puppy, but boys can wear pink too! He looks very manly in his pink polka dot scarf! We made him a camo printed one that he has been wearing non-stop as well. I cannot wait to match the babies outfits to Harrison’s bandanas. The ability to buy fabric in quarters makes it really easy to make a ton of these pet bandanas.

pet scarf DIY


:: Ingredients for Pet Scarf DIY ::

Fabric Quarter from Joann Fabric
Flexible Measuring tape


Step One
Using a measuring tape, measure your pets neck and add 2 inches

Step Two
Cut a triangle out of the fabric quarter

Step Three
Fold over the top of the triangle about a half an inch and tie around your pet’s neck



Pet Scarf DIY

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