Plaid Shorts to Work

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Plaid Shorts to Work by April Erhard of April Golightly

Plaid Shorts to Work

green bottom shoes

green holiday nails

That’s right I wore plaid shorts to work today. It wasn’t even a Friday and no one gave me guff about it. Honestly, I was shocked that I did not get an email banning “shorts” or worse yet “paid shorts” circulated by management.

Certain shorts are permitted in a business environment if presented properly. Most shorts in my wardrobe are not work appropriate. Funny enough, I don’t even wear capris to work.

The reason why these shorts are work appropriate depends on the weight and quality of fabric and length. Also, I wore tights under the shorts to give more of a pant feel. Shorts at work! Now, I just need to figure out how to make pajamas work appropriate.

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