Pledge to Protect

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tetra Pak. All opinions are 100% mine.

This week I got both me and my daughter’s DNA test back showing the medical genes that might affect us in the future. Most of the items listed were things that I am already aware of. It brought into focus that I need to be better about feeding my family a healthy balanced diet.

Pledge to Protect

I pledge to feed my family better. With that goal in mind, I discovered Tetra Pak. Their paperboard packaging doesn’t require preservatives or additives to maintain long shelf life. The packaging also minimizes environmental impact. Packaging for me is usually an afterthought, which is the problem. That is why there are so many plastic bottles in landfills. We can make a difference by making better choices and recycling more.

Tetra Pak Cartons

Tetra Pak believes that packaging should save more food and resources than it costs. Cartons are made of renewable materials from sustainable sourcing, so they help protect natural resources and reduce climate impact. 100% of the paperboard in Tetra Pak cartons is Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody certified; meaning all of it can be traced back to responsibly managed forests. And after they’ve been recycled, cartons can be turned into tissue, paper products, and green building materials.

What is in a Tetra Pak Carton?

Tetra Pak packages everything from boxed waters and broths to pet food and coffee. You probably already buy something daily that is in a Tetra Pak carton and don’t know even know it. Tetra Pak cartons are a great alternative to plastic without jeopardizing quality, durability, convenience and the future of our planet.


I was already buying Bulletproof coffee in Tetra Pak cartons. It is a yummy gluten-free coffee option that is better than drinking straight black coffee.


My family absolutely loves soup so this is huge for us. I love that you can easily save an open Tetra Pak carton full of soup in the fridge. The Fawen Soup can be drunk without heating out of this container.


Skip the plastic water bottles and opt for water in a Tetra Pak carton instead. Tetra Pak is all about environmental sustainability 

Dog Food

Get awesome dog food that your pet will love while being sustainable at the same time. Harrison loves wet food and he had fun trying to open a Tetra Pak carton.

Milk & Juice

Instead of buying milk and juice in a plastic bottle, buy it in a carton instead! Every grocery store trip, I buy about 4 cartons of milk. We drink a lot of different kinds of milk in our house!

Are Tetra Pak Cartons recyclable?

Yes, once recycled Tetra Pak cartons are given a new life and can be turned into tissue, paper products, and green building materials.

Are the straw and cap recyclable?

Straw and cap can go through the same recycling process as cartons, so you can place your cartons into the recycling bin with straw in them and cap on.

Are Tetra Pak cartons BPA-free?


Who Should Use Tetra Pak?

Tetra Pak cartons are for those who want food and drinks in packaging that is convenient, environmentally friendly, and better for your lifestyle and needs. What is your pledge to protect? 

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