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Poise Update is a sponsored post written on behalf of Poise. My story is my own and I am happy to share. #PoiseLinerLove

After a few months of using Poise pads rather than period pads, I am excited to let you know that they are working great. They are so much more absorbent than period pads. You don’t realize the difference until you have tried both.

Poise came in handy a few weeks ago when my entire household had a stomach bug. It makes me feel so much better to have protection there just in case. No one likes to talk about their  inability to hold your pee in when you sneeze or cough or laugh hard. Being sick is made much worse by the fact that every time you sneeze or a cough, you pee a little!


You can prevent the feeling of being embarrassed, grab some Poise Liners so that you can avoid  those moments. It prevents you from ruining your clothes and having to explain this issue to anyone. They help you more than anything else to feel confident after giving birth!  You can pick yours up at Walmart just like I did.Get $2 off Poise Liners here!


I have been dealing with the change of LBL since I came home from the hospital with my daughter. All the other changes mostly have just become part of life, but this change is the one that lingers on. I have been doing exercises to remedy the situation and until it is all fixed. I have found Poise Liners that let me participate in the activity without worry of LBL. I can laugh, run & jump around, and even get sick without worrying about it.

Why Poise Liners are better than Period Pads

You’ll find SAM (Super Absorbent Material) in all Poise pads and liners. Most period pads can’t say that.

The Thin-Shape of Poise Liners make them easy to conceal and use everyday.


Poise Giveaway Giveaway

Prize: $100 gift basket of Kimberly Clark products and a $200 Walmart giftcard!

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