Positivity Over Negativity on Social Media

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Are you sick of hearing and reading about the election? I feel like I’m overwhelmed with negativity and just awfulness on social media. I make me want to stop being social online. The negativity can stress me out.

I am all for positivity and bringing together! That’s why I am excited to be talking about Do Good. Live Well. It is the social responsibility arm of UnitedHealthcare that focuses on the fact that volunteering and giving back to your community isn’t only good for your community, but also for your personal health. I feel better about the world when I do good things. Since I started doing this, I have noticed that the positivity flows more freely on my blog’s social media.


Putting Good Out Into the World

I love putting positivity out into the world through things like inspiring sentiments on Instagram and Facebook with beautiful photos that I take during my daily life. I love to capture the beauty around me and share it with my readers!

A few months ago, I went on a volunteer cruise that allowed cruise goers to help the local community by doing things like planting trees (reforestation), building water filters, laying concrete floors, and recycling to make candles and paper. This charity helps the community, individuals, and the country.

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The volunteer experience impacted my outlook on how people lived and made me realize how small my problems are. I did a lot of volunteering in my youth, but as I have gotten older and had my daughter, I find that I don’t have as much time for it. The Do Good Live Well campaign has me rethinking this choice. I really should be doing more volunteering, not just on vacation in other countries, but here at home, to help people in my community. It is the wonderful way to show my daughter compassion and an appreciation for all that we have. I give to charity all the time, but giving my time is extremely valuable for my family and the people we help. These are the workers in the Dominican Republic that are single moms supporting families in this very poor country.

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On an almost daily basis, I get emails offering to send me free products in exchange for writing a blog post or sharing on social media. I take on only partnerships that I know my readers will like and negotiate so that I can get the product for the blog post and also for my readers. That way one of my readers can benefit directly from reading my blog and experience life with me! The gratitude from my readers when they get a You Won Email from me makes all the extra negotiating worthwhile! I recently told a reader that she won a pair of boots and we emailed back and forth chatting about we were both excited about the new shoes. It made my day!!

Share your Good

The goal is to start a movement and change the social conversation from negative news to positive stories for one week. Share how you’ve Volunteered in the community, show an “act of good,” witnessing an “act of good” using the hashtag #DoGoodWeek on social media. Stories good using the tag #DoGoodWeek on Twitter and Instagram will be aggregated here: dogoodweek.org


Sharing is caring!

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