Prepping for Summer Early

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Can you believe summer is around the corner? If you love sunshine, warm weather, and longer daylight nights, welcoming your favorite season can’t happen soon enough. Let the ideas that follow help you get prepped early for the summer ahead.

Prepare Your Outdoor Space


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Whether you have a small patio area or a backyard to work with, maximizing outdoor space is key for summer lovers. Start by arranging comfortable seating areas, like outdoor loungers for sunbathing and a table and chairs for backyard dining and socializing.

Next, add some plant life to your space with decorative planters, hanging plants, or flowerbeds. Don’t forget the accessories, like an umbrella for shade from the midday sun and an outdoor sound system, to complete the space.

Get the Air Conditioner in Shape for the Season

When warm weather arrives, getting your air conditioner running isn’t as simple as switching the thermostat from heat to cool. Follow a few easy steps to transition your HVAC system to summer, and you might extend the life of the system at the same time.


First, clean any branches, leaves, or other debris away from the outdoor unit. Next, replace the air filter. You’ll need to replace the filter a minimum of every three months or every month during times of heavy use.

Finally, switch the thermostat setting to cool and give your air conditioner a test run. If the system doesn’t turn on or if it sounds or smells out of the ordinary, try some basic air conditioner troubleshooting techniques or call your local HVAC technician for professional help.

Clear Out Winter Clothes

Sweaters, scarves, and boots…winter clothes can take up a ton of space in your closet. With spring’s arrival, today is a great time to clean out the closet and take the weight off your wardrobe.


Start by identifying cold-weather favorites that you know you’ll wear again next season. Pull out your most-loved warm sweaters, wool pants, and cozy layers, and neatly fold them into bins for storage. Assess what’s left and apply the 12-month rule. If you haven’t worn an item all year, donate or sell it to make room for the summer clothes you love.

Go for a Fresh Hairstyle

Time to put the hats, head warmers, and earmuffs away and let your hair shine again. Shake off the winter chill and give your hair a fresh look for summer. If long hair is your signature style, show off its smooth, straight appeal with a loose, flat-ironed look or put it up in a sleek ponytail. Ready to go to extremes? Consider a radical new look and rock a short buzz cut.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 10.48.28 PMIf you’re fully ready to leave the winter doldrums behind, take your hair a shade or two lighter. Work in some honey tones with highlights, pursue a subtle ombre, or go for full-on sunshine with flaxen locks.

Summer will be here before you know it. Since it’s never to early to prepare for warm weather, take the time this spring to get yourself and your home prepped for summer living. 

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