Proactiv Review First Impressions

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Why do adults still get pimples!? I didn’t have pimples in my teens and started getting them in my mid-twenties and its hasn’t really stopped since! I’ve had some control over the years, but I would still get painful breakouts once in a while.  I hoped to say goodbye breakouts and pimples in my 20s, but here I sit, in front of the mirror, trying to conceal another blemish!! I’m soooo over it. No matter how confident on the inside, blemishes affect how we feel when facing the world, which proves even more challenging when we suffer with breakouts as adults.


I decided to give Proactiv a try after hearing that for over 15 years, Proactiv Solution has been America’s No. 1 acne brand and a leader in acne prevention and treatment! Whoa that crazy! I had no clue it was number 1! Gotta try this stuff!


IMG_6029Proactiv Review First Impressions

When I opened the box, I immediately loved the packaging. Very clean and fresh looking. The smell was equally as pleasant. Clean and refreshing without overpowering me.
After using it for a few weeks, it seems to be working pretty well. I still broke out right before my period, but I always do because of my ridiculous hormones.

How it works

With exclusive microcrystal benzoyl peroxide, Proactiv directly targets acne-causing bacteria and other impurities like oil and dirt, to clear existing blemishes and help prevent new blemishes from forming.
That’s right!  I’ve found Proactiv, an acne treatment system that does what it says … clears your acne and helps prevent future breakouts. Can I get a woot woot?! The system also delivers the exceptional skincare benefits of a visibly hydrated, even toned, radiant complexion. You can change the way your skin looks, starting today!
Check back for my full review post!!

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