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Karalee has been asking me to style her closet for a while now. We finally made time and made a video of her experience. It was a great time and Karalee ended up with 40 new outfits using items in her closet already. In this economy, shopping your own closet is a great way to save some serious cash. I took picture of every outfit that I put together for her and I will be releasing the photo over the next few weeks. The project closet video features 3 outfits that were some of my favorites. After I completed the styling, I recommend that Karalee make some alteration to some of her skirts to make them more flattering for her. Also, I gave her a list of some items that she could add to her wardrobe. First on the list was a pair of the trendy satin loafers and dark colored tights for fall. Stay tuned for more looks that I found in Karalee’s closet.

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