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Are you addicted to Shark Tank like I am? I was jumping for joy when R. Riveter contacted me after they were features on the TV show. R. Riveter asked for 100k for 20% stake in their business and received it and more from Mark Cuban.  The business is extremely unique and something that I ecstatic about sharing with you.

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R. Riveter is a handbag business with some extremely unique attributes. First, the people making the handbags are military spouse. This is a way for military spouses to make money any where they are stationed. This is uniquely suited for these women since military families are always moving. About every 2.9 years military families are moved. That makes it really tough for a military spouse to keep a job. Mobility is key!

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R. Riveter (6 of 6)

Each R. Riveter bag is crafted by Military families and made in the United States. Each Riveter is given a Riveter No. that you can find on the pieces of your handbag. You can actually see who made your bag on the website here: http://www.rriveter.com/pages/meet-the-riveters It is so cool!

I love my bag and have been wearing it non-stop latey. I love that the R. Riveter Signature Patton can be a cross body bag or a clutch. I plan to buy these as gifts for the gals in my family too. It is such a thoughtful gift that has an amazing story behind it and the bags are quality and stylish. You cannot go wrong!

I wish all the success in the world to R. Riveter and the geniuses that came up with the idea that is both stylish and supportive to women! Follow along with the R. Riveter journey!

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