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Christmas Glitter Coke Bottle tutorial DIY -

Tools and Supplies
Small Poinsettia flowers (preferably with glitter on them)
Wire ribbon in festive colors like white and red
Small wood letter spelling out Xmas
Glitter in red, green and silver
Glitter red ribbon 1/4 inch thick
Silver Pipe Clamps
Classic Coke Glass Bottles
2 x 4 piece
Scissor or wire cutting pliers
Flat Head Screwdriver
2 Sawtooth Ring Hangers
White Paint
Spray Glue
Glue Gun

Start by drinking the Classic Coke out of the Glass Bottles. Make sure to wash them with water and allow them to drain on a paper towel. You will then shoot spray glue into the bottle for a second covering the interior of the bottle. Then, add the glitter slowly into the bottle and twisting as you go. When the bottle inside is nearly covered with glitter, put your hand over the bottle mouth and shake. This helps disburse the glitter evenly. You do this to all three bottles using different colored glitter.

Christmas Glitter Coke Bottle tutorial DIY -9910 Christmas Glitter Coke Bottle diy-9914

Measure out three dots in the middle of the board so that the bottles will be evenly spaced. Add two sawtooth ring hanger on the back of the board so that you can hang the Coke Xmas DIY sign and flower holder.  Heat up glue gun and glue the silver pipe clamps to the dots where the grooves start. You can paint the board white either before or after adding the silver pipe clamps. I did it after, but it would have been better to do it before.

Christmas Glitter Coke Bottle tutorial DIY -9915

Make bows using this tutorial and add it to the bottle with the wire ribbon. Twist the wire in the back so that the bow stays on the bottles. You can use an old scissor or a wire cutting pliers to cut the ribbon.

Christmas Glitter Coke Bottle tutorial DIY -0012

Spray the letters individually with the spray glue and tap the glitter over the top until the color (in this case white) is almost entirely covered.  Use the glue gun to glue the letters on to the board. You can use the ruler to measure out where the letter should be placed.

Christmas Glitter Coke Bottle tutorial DIY -9987 Christmas Glitter Coke Bottle tutorial DIY -9993

Add two small Poinsettia flowers to each bottle. If the flowers do not have glitter on them, spray them with the spray glue and pour some red glitter over them.


Use a flat head drill or screwdriver to screw the bottles in place on the board with the silver pipe clamps.


I picked up the glass Coke bottles at Walmart on a day with shopping with my little munchkin and got the idea for the craft from a pin of this mason jar organizer.

coke walmart

Don’t forget to share your smile to earn Coke Rewards with #RealMagic. You can earn extra rewards by sharing the videos and submitting your own tutorials and ways to create a special holiday for someone you care about.

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XMAS DIY with coke bottles sign

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  1. Those are so stinking awesome! I just love it! It is so festive and looks fantastic! I bet that would look awesome on my wall!

  2. Those are really pretty, glitzy and affordable crafts. I remember when my mom bought just strictly glass bottled pop. Then the brands changed over to the aluminum cans. I wish they would go back to bottles.


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