Sally Beauty Shopping Trip

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Sally Beauty Shopping Trip

This is a sponsored post. As always, all opinions are my own. I love Sally Beauty and have for years!

Last week, I had the pleasure of shopping at Sally Beauty. I shop at Sally’s all the time for hair and nail products. This year is Sally Beauty’s 5oth Anniversary. They are doing a great job and 50 years in business reflects that success.

Sallys Beauty Supply

The item I buy most often from Sally’s is Blue Cross. It is a lanolin cuticle melting liquid that I use on my cuticles and the bottom of my feet to keep them soft. I bought a new bottle of this as I was running low.Sally Beauty Supply Shopping Spree_

I also bought a new curling iron from Hot Tools. Sally’s has an awesome selection of hair tools. I want all of them in my vanity. I chose the Nano-Ceramic 1″ Flipperless Curling Wand (HTBW1860). It was 25% off and has variable heat settings up to 430°F!!  I used it on Mother’s Day, but I did not have hair spray so my hair did not hold the curl as well as it could have. I cannot wait to use it this week!

Sally Beauty Supply Shopping Spree_-4

Sally Beauty Supply Shopping Spree_-3

The selection of eyelashes is awesome at Sally’s Beauty. They have demi-wispies and all kinds of colors. I bought a few different pairs of black ones and 1 purple pair and 1 blue pair. Now that I put my favorite Beauty Blogger’s eyelash advice into action, I am able to put my lashes on.

Sally Beauty Supply Shopping Spree_-2

Check out some of the deals!



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