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It’s official!  I have an unhealthy sample sale website addiction.  It combines two of my instinctual drives: sale shopping and competition. The concept is as simple as it is genius.  The website starts by discounting designer items, then it sets a time for the sale to start.  When the clock chimes the bargain hunters swarm like moths to the flame.  As part of my pseudo-journalistic duty to my readers I was obliged to try them out.  It was for research! I swear!

My first purchase was innocent enough….I bought some Wii Fit accessories from Ideeli. I had to make sure my satisfying Ideeli experience was not an isolated incident so I purchased a pair of Escada red sunglasses and Lois Hill earrings. Then I tried out Ruelala where I purchased three Tommy Hilfiger pillows for my extra bedroom and a yellow Michael Kors purse.  I adore the yellow purse and probably would not have made the purchase in person.  Oddly enough, it is currently my fave.  The pillows are kinda cool, but I think I could have done better if I waited and looked around. The lesson I have learned is that impulse purchasing is at an all time high on these sites.  As with all impulse purchases, sometimes it is awesome and other times buyers remorse sets in.

I moved on to the aptly named Gilt, where I purchased a distressed silver Rebecca Minkoff clutch.  I was under the impression from the photo that the purse was only silver.  When it was shipped to me, l was appalled by how cheesy the purse looked.  I plan to order leather stain and change the color to a dark grey.  My last purchases from Hautelook were successful.  I ordered some Mario Badesco masks and a piece of art for my living room from artist Parvez Taj.

All in all, I had good experience. Total savings = $1,262.00.

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