School Uniform Outfits for Kids

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This year I was surprised to learn that my daughter would be wearing uniforms to school. It was a shock because she is starting Kindergarten at a Public School. As a mom new to Public Schools, I did not realize that uniforms had become so popular. I went to private school until 8th grade and always felt that my clothing obsession was rooted in having such strict uniform rules at my school. These days, it seems that the school uniform for girls have gotten a lot better and are much easier to style than I remember. I am pretty excited about my daughter wearing a uniform at school. Today, I am excited to share a few school uniform outfits for kids to help inspire you so that your girls don’t feel as creatively stifled as I did when I was a kid.

School Uniform Outfits for Kids

I just want to throw this note out before I start on the styling. The best time to buy uniforms is in August & September. You want to stock up on different sizes during this period because as you know kids grow throughout the year. Apparently, it is really difficult to find uniforms in the middle of the year. You want to stock up on different and bigger sizes while the stores are filled with uniforms.

Polo Shirt Dress Outfit

This super cute girl polo dress is the easiest outfit because you don’t have to match the top and bottoms. My daughter is obsessed with this drop waist polo shirt dress from Osh Kosh because it is so soft and easy to wear. She usually wears shorties under the dress or shorts underwear that looks like shorts. The uniform polo dress comes in hot pink, light pink, and navy from girls polo dress from Osh Kosh. The pique cotton dresses come with three buttons to make it easier to get over your head. See the dresses here.


Uniform Polo Dress Outfit L.O.L. Surprise! Biggie Pet

School Uniform Pants Outfit

Don’t forget to get school uniform pants because the cooler weather will be here before you know it. I know it does not seem like it since we are still sweating so much. The cute uniform outfits start with a great pique polo shirt. My favorite polos are the ones from Osh Kosh. They are comfortable and wash really well. Find the best polos here.


Girls Skort and Polo Shirt

The girl’s skort and polo shirt uniform are the best back to school outfits for kids. You can get uniform skorts in khaki and navy with a wide array of pique polo shirts.

School Uniforms Pros and Cons

The pros of wearing a uniform to school are that you spend less time in the morning choosing clothes for school. Also, there is more focus on the child rather than on the clothes they are wearing. Children can spend more time learning and less time talking about and focusing on materialism. Also, the income disparities are less noticeable when everyone is wearing the same clothes. Children can focus on learning rather than comparing themselves to their peers. I mean this could still happen, but it will hopefully be minimalized by wearing uniforms. \

The cons of wearing uniforms are what I experienced as a child. I found that wearing a uniform creatively stifled me. Once I could wear what I wanted, I jumped in head first and have not stopped being obsessed ever since. However, the rules for uniforms have changed since I was a child and it seems that you express individuality with your choice of colors, accessories, hair, and shoes. Also, I have come to realize that every situation seems to have a uniform that people end up dressing a certain way anyway. When my daughter was in Pre-K, she always wanted to wear what she called comfy clothes – stretch pants and a t-shirt. I so much prefer her to wear a polo shirt and a skort to stretch pants and a t-shirt. LOL

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