Sephora just relaunched Sephora Collection at JCPenney

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I have a busy schedule every single day of my life. One day this week, I had to spend nearly four hours in the car, driving around various locations for both business and family needs. It is not easy trying to maintain a stylish look as a blogger and be a mom at the same time. Having a Sephora Inside JCPenney provides a one-stop beauty and fashion. This is very beneficial for someone like me who doesn’t always have time to jump from store to store.

Building a Look with a Pop of Color

This video ( says it all. Having a single place that is able to provide an on-trend pop of color for both fashion and beauty gives me more time to focus on my style rather than on the mileage of my car. I love the music in this video by the way! And, of course the jacket and lipstick combination are beautiful. The pop of color on the lips really makes it the focus.  What else could be expected from JCPenney and Sephora? The lipstick used in the video is Sephora Collection Rouge Cream Lipstick.

JCPenney and the Sephora Collection

Sephora Collection is available to JCPenney shoppers at the Sephora Inside JCPenney stores. Sephora has been opening locations within JCPenney since 2006 and this fall marks the return of Sephora Collection in an effort to give uncomplicated beauty at a great value. One of my favorite brushes is from Sephora Collection. It is so soft and allows me to flawlessly apply foundation.


I have loved both Sephora and JCPenney for years! Sephora Collection has great price points and amazing products that I am always impressed by.  Having Sephora Inside JCPenney makes me ecstatic! Saving both time and money are very high on my priority list, and this partnership provides both without sacrifice. Have you seen the amount of colors and options with Sephora Collection Rouge Cream Lipstick and Colorful Eyeshadow? So many choices and I want to try all of them at Sephora Inside JCPenney! How great is it being able to play with makeup inside Sephora so you can find the perfect shades for you!

You can also see and shop Sephora Collection HERE.

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