Jolly Day with Shoemint

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The Beachmint company has revolutionized the way consumers purchase using some very basic statistics on how women make decisions and why they choose one product over another.  Using social media and a monthly subscription as their main dish, and with a cup of stylish design and a few tablespoons of celebrity, Beachmint has seen their sales soar. As a lover of all things stylish, I have completely bought into Jewelmint.

Honestly, before subscribing to Jewelmint, my jewelry options were quite sparse.   Today, I am proud to say that I have a well stocked jewelry box with items that are readily re-sellable.  The re-sell-ability factor is huge for me because I get sick of things very quickly. When making almost all purchases, I pose 2 important questions:  (1) Do I LOVE it?; and (2) Can I re-sell it for a reasonable price?  Jewelmint jewelry holds its value as I have sold several items for the same amount that I paid for them after a few wears.  To me, that is a no risk purchase.  If you buy something similar from a unknown brand, there is no re-sell-ability.

Since Jewelmint has worked out so well, I recently decided to try out Shoemint.   It was a no brainer for me as shoes are my accessory of choice.  My first purchase was the Jolly in Leopard print. They are comfortable and I have already had several compliments on them.  I even had a 14 year old stop me at Whole Foods to ask me where I got them. Getting a compliment from a teenager is no small feat.  I was ecstatic!  On the aprilgolightly shoe scale, I am giving them a top rating of three Cs: Comfortable, Complimentary, and Copacetic.

Sharing is caring!

4 thoughts on “Jolly Day with Shoemint”

  1. Cool i just ordered my size 9 last night as well since 9.5 were sold out. there’s no digging into your ankle? i read that there was an issue with that. but happily anticipating making my feet JOLLY. 🙂

  2. LUUUV shoemint, can’t wait to see what next month is all about. I debated btwn the leopard print Jolly’s and the beige one’s that I ended up getting… since I already own a pair of similar leopard prints. So glad I discovered your blog! ( Am also a big fan of Jewelmint, and have to say great customer service as well as product. Haven’t tried stylemint yet though. Not sure I’m willing to pay $30 for a t-shirt without touching it, trying it on first!)


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