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This week I was having a blast shopping for the awesome goodies that my daughter will need for back to school. I got a little distracted on shopping journey and bought a few things for myself. First, I while I was at the mall shopping for school clothes and shoes, I stopped at Anthropologie and got a new top and statement necklace for myself. They have a great sale going on right now.

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Next, I went to Costco to stock up on school supplies and found some Fiber One bars on super sale. I was super excited to see the great news from Fiber One! They have 25% less sugar than before. The bars make it easy for me to avoid fast and fattening food. Costco has Fiber One Lemon Bars and Oats & Chocolate bars that you can buy at a great price so you can have guilt-free, go-to snack!

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fiber one (1 of 1)

Fiber is such an important part of any diet. I like to eat fiber everyday and Fiber One makes it easy with their delicious bars. Fiber One. So delicious, it should have another name.

Health Benefits of Fiber

  • Controlling Blood Sugar – fiber is said to slow the body’s breakdown of carbo and absorption of sugar.
  • Keep Your Heart Health – There are studies showing that daily fiber intake can prevent heart disease.
  • Avoid Stroke Risk – Studies show that fiber can reduce your risk of stroke.
  • Weight loss – fiber is said to keep you fuller longer. This full feeling can help with weight-loss.
  • Skin health – fiber is said to help prevent acne.
  • Control Cholesterol – You can reduce your cholesterol by increasing your daily fiber intake.

Grab your Fiber One bars at Costco this week! Check out this Pinterest Board about snack on the go:

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