Shower Sandals DIY

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This week I was challenged to think of a way to recycle period pads. I know…not the sexiest idea, but I found a way to make it fun! I made a pair of shower sandals that were inspired by the Orange is the New Black Sandals from the first season when Piper does not have any sandals to use because she hadn’t gotten her commissary funds yet. I felt like this was a good idea in a pinch too! Just in case you ever break a heel or are wearing closed toe shoes to a pedicure! Also, if you come across a shower that you really that makes you want to wear sandals…try this Shower Sandals DIY.

Shower Sandals DIY

Tools and Supplies
4 Thick and Long Period Maxi Pads
1 Roll Silver Duct Tape

Maxi Pad DIY


Start by taking the maxi pad out one at a time. Check to see if your foot will fit on the pad. If not, you might need to add tape to the back and front to make it longer.
Tape the bottom of the sandal by wrapping the tape around the maxi pad making sure to keep the shape and width as you do it. Make sure to cover the pads entirely to keep the water out.
For the top of the sandals, start by laying strips of duct tape on the bottom of maxi pad starting in the middle. Don’t tape all the way to edge. Leave about 1/4 inch of pad without tape.
Flip over the maxi pad and add 4 pieces of tape vertically making sure that there is enough room to flip it under the other side.
Stick your foot into the sandal so that you can measure them perfectly.
Wrap tape around your foot to secure the top to the bottom.
If you are feeling fancy, you can round off the footbed.

Orange is the New Black DIY


When you are done wearing period pad, instead of throwing them out, you can use them for this DIY. If you are experiencing LBL, try Poise! You can get your FREE sample here.



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