Showing Someone You Care: It’s The Small Things

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Showing someone you care about them can help you strengthen your relationship with them and build a bond that allows for support, strength, and love to develop.

Regardless of the relationship between you and another person, expressing gratitude for who they are and nurturing the relationship can serve you well and be a source of great satisfaction.

But how do you go about showing someone you care? There isn’t just one way to show a person that you care, and these acts can look different between young children and their parents than when they are older and the relationship has matured. It will also be different between friends again and spouses too.

But to really show your love for another person, you need to know them and what will make their life better and be well received. And this needs to be specific to who they are, not just a random idea you pick off the top of your head.

There are a million little ways to show someone you care, and this post looks at some ways you can express yourself clearly without missing the mark.


One of the most obvious yet effective ways of showing a person you care is to give them a gift. From cheese gift ideas for foodies or cooks to craft supplies or equipment for craft hobbyists, tech, and jewelry, there are unlimited options when it comes to gift giving; you just need to make sure you narrow down your search so it’s based upon something the person in question will love and enjoy rather than what you think they should like.

Call Them

It is so easy to send a quick message and say hi. But taking the time to call a person and talk to them can be a great way to show someone you care and make them feel connected and loved more than a text message could.

Be Helpful

From offering lifts to appointments or to take someone grocery shopping to helping with household chores, childcare, or anything that will be useful, can be a great way to show you care. It shows you appreciate their load and you want to make life easier by helping them. And oftentimes, it’s the small gestures that mean a lot more than grand lavish displays or gifts.

Make Time

Everyone is busy, but making time for another person can speak volumes about what you think of them. As the popular saying goes, it’s not about having time. It’s about making time. And in this instance, that has never been truer.


When was the last time you listened to someone? Not talked with them or interrupted but really let them speak with interjecting words of wisdom or similar experiences? Practicing your listening skills to allow them to talk freely without judgment, interruptions, and restriction can also benefit your relationship and the tiger’s mental health.

Showing a person you care isn’t always about what you spend on them; it’s about the actions that demonstrate you know what they need and can offer a way to support them. From talking to listening, making time, and showering them with love, you can really make a difference by incorporating these into your relationship.

Sharing is caring!

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