South Beach Wine and Food Festival #BuickEatandTweet

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This past weekend my husband and I were lucky enough to get to attend the South Beach Wine and Food Festival  for the #BuickEatandTweet event. First, we learned about a few of the Buick cars including the Encore which is an extremely safe and fuel efficient SUV at 25 city and 33 highway. If you own an SUV, you know how rare it is to have safety, space and fuel efficiency. After we check out the Encore Luxury Small Crossover  and the Regal GS  Luxury Sports Car, we went to watch a demonstration from Giada De Laurentiis. Later, we indulged on the amazing food in the Whole Foods Grand Tasting Village.

Buick Eat and Tweet Event SOBEWFF .jpg

The Encore safety was very impressive. All of them have 10 airbags! There is also an added feature called collision-avoidance. The Side Blind Zone Alert means no more blind spots!The Encore has massive storage! The front-passenger and second-row seats fold flat to help you carry things like long mirrors and 2×4 for DIY projects. That might just be me my needs, they show golf clubs and rugs. I was also impressed with how luxurious the care felt.

Buick Encore Interior fold down #buickeatandtweet

Buick Encore Steering Wheel fuel efficient SUV #SOBEWFF #buickeatandtweet

April Golightly at Eat and Tweet for Buick at SOBEWFF.jpg

I love seeing Celeb Chefs live! They make you feel like you know them. I loved Giada before I saw her in person and now I am huge fan! She is so cute and has such a great personality. I need to make some time to catch her show or maybe I’ll pick up her cook book to see if I can cook with her recipes! She had this amazing avocado and chocolate recipe that I am dying to try. Seems like a random combo, but the SOBEWFF guest who cooked it loved it.

SOBEWFF Giada De Laurentiis Kitchen Aid Stage .jpg

SOBEWFF Giada De Laurentiis.jpg

The Whole Foods Grand Tasting Village definitely earned its name. I was so full and exhausted by the end of the day! I mainly drank Figi water (probably 8 bottles) and had what amounted to about 2 glasses of white wine. As a mom of a newborn, I cannot be hung over with my munchkin. Trying to be a responsible mommy!

SOBEWFF Miami Beach 2014 .jpg

Buick Eat and Tweet Event SOBEWFF.jpg

SOBEWFF Bite from Whole Foods Tasting Tent #BuickEatandTweet.jpg

#BUICKEATANDTweet event SOBEWFF 2014.jpg

To keep up to date on all the fun stuff happening at Buick follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

Have you been to SOBEWFF? What do you think of it?

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