Spooky Halloween Banner

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A fun, simple and really affordable DIY Halloween garland that will add some fun to your Halloween decor! This Spooky Halloween Banner is my new fave Halloween decoration.
Halloween Banner Tutorial
Tools & Supplies 
2 sheets of orange paper
2 sheets of white or cream colored paper
2 sheets of black paper
Halloween Banner Tutorial
Instructions for Spooky Halloween Banner
Step 1:
Using one of the black sheets of paper, cut out the word “SPOOKY”. Remember that if you want to use other phrases like “HAPPY HALLOWEEN” or “TRICK OR TREAT” you will need more paper. If you cannot cut it free hand, there is a printable below that you can use as a stencil.
 Spooky Banner
Step 2:
Glue the black letters onto one of the orange sheets of paper. Press down and let dry. Once dry, cut the letters leaving an orange outline of each letter.
FullSizeRender (11)
Step 3:
Take the black letters with the orange outline and glue onto the white or cream colored paper. Press down and let dry. Once dried, cut the letters leaving a white/cream outline of each letter (same as you did in step 2).
Spooky Halloween Decor
Step 4:
Using the decorated craft paper, cut out six pennants. You can use a different paper design for each letter or you can use the same paper design for all. That’s up to you! I had 4 different sheets and used some twice.
FullSizeRender (14)
Step 5:
Glue the letters onto the pennants. Press down and let dry.
Spooky Halloween DIY
Step 6 (picture7):
Now we want to double-layer the pennants. Take each of the six pennants and glue onto the remaining black, orange and white/cream sheets. Press down and let dry. Cut the pennants leaving an outline of the second layer of paper.
Halloween Banner DIY
Step 7 (picture8 and 9):
Hole punch the top of the pennants. Two holes about 1.5 inches apart. Run the yarn through the holes and you are all set! Layering paper is a great way to make your garland look really nice and expensive without actually breaking the bank. Enjoy!!!
Spooky Letters

Spooky Banner DIY

Here is the printable just in case you need it – Spooky Printable


Spooky-Banner Tutorial

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