Star Wars: Rebels

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Star Wars: Rebels the animated movie that sets up the upcoming series is out now in an exclusive release at Walmart. Kevin picked it up from Walmart this weekend. He found the display over in the elctronics department and couldn’t resist picking it up!


He bought it and we had a mini viewing session at home! Cami clutched her Obi Wan figure while decked out in Star Wars gear as we watched. She’s only 15 months old but she’s totally into it!




Star Wars: Rebels focuses on a boy named Ezra who has taken to thieving on his home planet. When he gets in the middle of a heist orchestrated by a gang of smugglers he ends up being chased by the empire! The smugglers save him and take him into their crew as they strike out against the empire to sell imperial weapons on the black market.

“Rebels” is fun and really gets back to the swashbuckling joy of the original trilogy. The more procedural and political Clone Wars era trilogy has its place, but this movie, and I’m betting the series that will follow, has that “spark of rebelliousness” that made the original trilogy a treat. #SparkRebellion


Along with the release of the movie, there are a line of toys that are tied in with the new series. There is the Star Wars Rebels edition of the Millenium Falcon, the Command Destroyer, and the Inquisitor Lightsaber. We’re obviously going to wait until Cami is age appropriate to get her these, but then again, that probably won’t stop my hubby from getting them.

We are looking forward to the start of season one! The Star Wars Rebels DVD is currently released exclusively at Walmart from 10/3 to 10/13.

Take Star Wars Fun Home 

What do you think of the new series?  Are you as excited as we are?

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19 thoughts on “Star Wars: Rebels”

  1. We loved the movie. We watched it on Disney XD then got the movie on Friday from Walmart. It was the perfect family movie night movie šŸ™‚

  2. such an adorable tiny Star Wars fan- it truly is generational! I have watched some of the animated series myself and find it fairly entertaining, as a fan of the franchise.

  3. All of my son’s friends love this series, we are just now getting into it. Little Star Wars fans are pretty stinking cute!


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