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The big game is around the corner and it is time to start considering what you be serving your guests. I am obsessed with Starburst®‘s new flavor and decided to infuse ginger ale with the candy to create Starburst Fizzy.

Starburst Fizzy-

7 large lemons
3 cans of Ginger Ale
2 lemon slices to garnish
2 Bags of Starburst®

I found the Starburst® and some other candies like Life Savers® and SNICKERS® for my Big Game tablescape at Walmart today.

starburst walmart

Snickers Game Day Snacks

Microplane, zester or vegetable peeler
Pint sized Ball Jars or other similar-sized container with a lid
Mesh strainer or cheese cloth
Measuring cup
Small funnel


Peel the lemons: Wash the lemons thoroughly and then use a microplane to remove the peels from all the lemons. Be being careful not to get any of the white pith as it will add bitterness to the fizzy. You can also use a peeler or a zester.

Starburst Limoncello

Separate the Starburst into different color piles. Take a handful of Starburst® and put them into the small mason jars separating them by color. If you are only making small batches of fizzy, use pint sized mason jars. If making a larger batch, use a quart size mason jar. Use 10 to 12 candies per jar.

Starburst Fizzy-3960 Starburst Fizzy-3958 Starburst Fizzy-3961

Cover the peels & Starburst® with ginger ale: Transfer the lemon peels to a jar and pour all the ginger ale over them. Screw on the lid.

Starburst Fizzy-3952

Infuse the ginger ale: Let the mixture infuse in the fridge for at least 2 days. It takes about 24 to 48 hours for the Starburst® to completely dissolve. The more you shake them, the quicker the candy dissolves. Once the Starburst® were completely broken down, the jars are ready to be strained.

Starburst Fizzy-3945

Strain the mixture: Strain the mixture through the mesh strainer or cheese clothing. You may need to stir it in the strainer if the flow stops.

Pro Tip: If you are trying to save time, cut up the Starburst® into four pieces.

Starburst Fizzy-3968 Starburst Fizzy-3969

Starburst drink

Starburst Fizzy

Which flavor Starburst® are you excited to infuse?

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