Starting your Own Beauty Business with My Salon Suite

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Starting your Own Beauty Business with My Salon Suite

My Salon Suites is this cool place that has tons of amazing beauty shops! The Salon Suite allows beauty entrepreneurs run their own business in a top notch facility and safe environment where Salon owners can choose their own hours!

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The Salon Suites provides an entrepreneurial spirit an opportunity to open their own business without the need to have tons of overhead. Having owned 2 businesses so far, I can tell you that the less fixed overhead cost the better! Even with startup costs saved, borrowed or in some cases gifted, it is much better to start with costs low. With Salon Suites, you really only have to worry about the cost of your space. You can control what services and good you provide and how much you charge for those goods and services. It’s pretty fabulous! You have no brand restrictions, you can use the best products to use from low end to high, whatever you think is best!
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Entrepreneurs, like Susan Moshe of Spa 308 can start a spa providing services like facials, body scrubs, peels, microdermabrasion and more. See the full list of services here: Spa 308 The services are tremendous.
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Susan really went above and beyond with her treatments. She layered on mask specific to my skin problems including a mask from the Dead Sea and 24k gold Mask. She covered my face in in gold leaf. Gold has a ton of minerals and anti-aging properties. This treatment is designed to fight acne and free radicals. She helped remove some white bumps that are under my skin. They are called Milia. After all the masks and treatments, she used Photon Ultrasonic Light Therapy. This helps kill bacteria! Learn more about Spa 308 on Susan’s website and Facebook page.

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