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STEAM Night Club, located in Downtown Miami, is the newest and hottest in the “underground nightclub experience, where music, entertainment, arts, and culture bubble to form the ultimate nightlife scene”. And, I was there to capture it all at the grand opening event, Friday night August 15th.
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Upon arrival on this humid Miami summer night, there was already a distinctive crowd lined up around the corner eagerly waiting to get passed the velvet rope. Once entered into the shadowy atmosphere of this club space, one immediately feels transported to somewhat of a STEAM punk experience, coated with a thin layer of film noir…intriguing; it’s only intention to tempt, perplex, and provoke.Posh Panel Steam-3323 Posh Panel Steam-3536
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Beaded curtains outlined the entire perimeter of the interior walls, and equally outlined dance platforms ran along those same beaded curtains which were befitting of any burlesque dancer ready to take the spotlight and seduce.
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Banquettes lined corner’s of the club as VIP seating areas. The overall atmosphere constantly encourages one’s sense of curiosity. Offering a bit of fetish, mixed with cirque du soleil, and performance art, everyone who participates (I am referring to the employees) at STEAM was in some sort of costume or disguise; from the bartenders, to the hostesses, to the performing artists. No “decorating” detail went overlooked.
20140816_012527 (1)
Throughout the evening, guests were pleasantly surprised with performance artists whose only objective were to tempt and seduce, whilst encouraging curiosity. While in the main room, club-goers enjoyed the high intensity sound system worked by up to 4 DJ’s at a time that night!
Posh Panel Steam-3179 20140816_011618 (1) Posh Panel Steam-3198 20140816_003334 20140816_011844
Posh Panel Steam-3452
Needless to say, they just kept working the crowd up more and more as the minutes rolled on by. Outside the main room was the outdoor patio, bar,  and gathering space for those who desired a moment to recharge before heading back in to the dance floor.
 Posh Panel Steam-3273 Posh Panel Steam-3323 Posh Panel Steam-3601
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