Story of Overcoming Struggles in Infertility

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You cannot help but cry after watching the story of David Nail and his family. He and his wife were having fertility issues and finally were able to successfully implant fertilized eggs that brought them their twins. I remember having extreme anxiety about getting pregnant with my daughter. I knew so many families with fertility issues that I figured we would one of them. We started earlier than we would have because we were worried that it would not happen right away. We got lucky and it took right away! I cannot even imagine the stress and feeling of inadequacy feelings that come with not being able to start a family. David Nail talks about how he was the cause of the issues and wanted nothing more than to give his wife what she always wanted – a family!


This was all happening during the making of his fourth MCA Nashville album. You can see David Nail’s transformation in his outlook and his music. The new song is called Fighter. It is the most vulnerable, personal record the Missouri native has ever made, and it signals the beginning of a new phase in his career.

Following the birth of his twins, David Nail decided to get real in a way he never would have allowed himself before. Already known for powerful, emotionally-charged vocals, he took the same approach to choosing Fighter’s 11 tracks (seven of which were written or co-written by Nail himself), celebrating life’s victories but also exposing the knock-downs he’s endured – and it wasn’t always flattering. Nail and Catherine have had to fight their whole lives – especially with their most recent struggle to conceive their beautiful kids – but their ultimate success in those battles has led them to a better place.

David Nail is sharing his story on YouTube along with other stories of overcoming struggles. Check out these videos for inspiration, and learn how other have overcome their struggles:

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