The Secret of Straight Hair!

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I have been successfully straightening my hair since college when I saw a girl with unnaturally straight hair and I cornered her to ask her how she got her so straight! She let me in on the secret of the Chi! I have bought several Chi hair straighteners since then and they are now being sold at Target. The price has reduced significantly and ceramic straightening with the Chi is no longer a secret. When I was in college and my sister was just starting her teens, I shared the secret with her and my mother. My mom is now getting her hair straightened professionally weekly because her hair is so thick and awesome that it looks good for about a week after she gets it done by a professional. I am definitely jealous of her great hair! I got my day’s hair which is not so bad, but not as nice as my mom’s hair. My sister, on the other hand, got my mom’s thick show stopping hair!

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Check out my beach chic look from SoBlo.


What do you think of Bobbie’s straight hair summer look?

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7 thoughts on “The Secret of Straight Hair!”

  1. Beautiful! I have a Chi straightener and it works wonders. Also, with my very thick hair it helps if I section it off.

  2. Love your hair! I wish I had the patience to straighten my hair like that. I’m one of those who straightens the front, then I loose patience and do a cursory pass on the back… People who walk behind me must think they are looking at a rat’s next. 😀


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